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Bobby Jones’ team has overseen the sale of tens of thousands of memberships over the years. Our team will develop a competitive membership program and implement a sales plan and system based on the Bobby Jones Membership Management System, a superb best practices resource for private clubs.

We have a rich library of bylaws, club rules, and membership agreement documents as a resource. We have also developed a proprietary CRM for to better service and retain members, tracking membership sales and leads, and provide management with an accountability tool for this important revenue source.

We train our membership sales teams and share best practices.

We continually survey our members for satisfaction.

Our communications are through traditional mediums and cutting-edge digital platforms including custom apps.

We were one of the early proponents of generational and age-based membership offerings, expanding a club’s reach into a market and resulting in incremental sales. We can now reach all points on the bell curve, including the long tails where many new memberships are created.

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