Bobby Jones was always learning and viewed it as a life-long endeavor, as do we.

We place a very high priority on education and training. This is why we created The Bobby Jones Center for Excellence, our comprehensive educational system that teaches all of our associates and teams how to work in, and on, their business. The core of the Bobby Jones Center for Excellence is customer and member service training. Our club leaders are trained to excel in this area by former Ritz-Carlton executives.

It begins with an extensive video and personal orientation for new company Associates, educating them on our history, our Jones culture, and what is expected of them.

The learning does not end on the first day. It is continuous and ongoing. Every manager and department head are enrolled in The Bobby Jones Center for Excellence’s professional development program – a broad mix of seminars, guest speakers, online classes, group reading programs, and shared best practices.

Our newly minted General Managers are enrolled in GM University, an intensive training program at our corporate office that educates them on all our systems, policies, procedures, core values, and company culture.

The centerpiece of all this is The Bobby Jones Center for Excellence Caddy Shack, our online source for all our videos, manuals, forms, budget templates, best practices, and reading materials. It is a product of 20 years of building a remarkable club management platform.

We do this because we know it translates into better club managers and employees for you, but also because investing in our associates creates a company of motivated, educated, and happier people.


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