Bobby Jones Links can manage any club, anywhere, making a significant difference at every one through our management platform called the Science of Club Management. 

We have a management platform that is a proven process of how to manage a club successful and profitably. It includes a multitude of resources, sophisticated financial systems, robust operating polices, a comprehensive employee educational program (the Center for Excellence), sales and marketing, membership mastery, and a progressive human resources approach. All of these add up to a system that can be applied to your club to deliver remarkable results.

We recommend you take our Club Checkup. You will find it very revealing. Most clubs score in the 40% range. Our clubs score in the 80% to 90% level. That makes a major difference and is why Bobby Jones Links delivers remarkable results.

What follows are three quantitative results of the power of our proven process of club management.

Over the past 10 years, Bobby Jones Links has averaged a $640,000 improvement in net operating income to our client clubs. Some more, some less, but all significant improvements. We do this while enhancing your customers’ and members’ experience.

Bobby Jones Links makes money in every one of our food and beverage operations. Most of the time we find clubs losing money. Through the rigorous cost and labor control tools and systems in our Science of Club Management platform, we turn the losses into profits.

When we first survey our customers or members for overall satisfaction, at any type of club, the initial average score  is between 4 and 5. Within two years, our average improvement is to a level between 8 and 9. This is the result of the extensive training through the Center of Excellence and our 17 service standards.